Using Body as a Tool to Manifest True Desires


The Yoga of Intention technique consists of nine simple asanas combined with specific breath and energy work, visualization, and meditation. Taken as a whole, these practices help you get in touch and make whole all the parts of your Self. Using the Yoga of Intention you will be able to locate and clear energy blockages, and let your Intentions or desires to get out of our mind and into the physical world.

This technique gives us a chance to hear our subconscious voice, which is usually overwhelmed by other stimuli, physical sensations, or loud thoughts. By cleansing our inner space from all that old baggage, we free up stuck energy, clean energy blockages, redirect and release new energy, and manifest things we want to have in our life.

Over 36 million people practice yoga in the USA, yet most of them only touch the tip of the iceberg, the physical aspects of the practice. Most yoga studios, public classes, even private classes focus only on the physical (health) and psychological (stress reduction, overall good feeling, and relaxation) facets of yoga. Not to diminish these benefits—they are absolutely fantastic! But for more and more of us, this is rapidly becoming not enough.

The reason most of us don't focus on other aspects of yoga is simply because we often do not have access to the information. Because of this, we do not fully experience what a yoga practice can do—or, to say it better, we do not fully experience what we can do for ourselves using yoga practice as a tool.

We all strive for spiritual development. We all benefit from a better connection to our Higher Self. And we all deserve to be able to create this reality using the power that lies within us. The truth is that every one of us has enough tools hidden inside our "body- minds" to create a strong relationship with our Higher Selves, and therefore also create whatever it is we truly desire in life. Every single one of us has the ability to cut out any unnecessary or untrue goals and instead focus all our energy on what we really desire and need. When we do this, we can achieve almost anything we want in life. Anything we truly want.

But first we need to become aware that those tools are available for us, and we need to know how to use them for good. This is where the Yoga of Intention comes in.

The Yoga of Intention will enhance your existing yoga practice, expand your area of
yoga application, make your true Intention manifest, and allow you to recognize and remove false desires in order to not waste precious life time on things you don't really want or need.

My own Intention is to reach and positively affect as many yoga practitioners as possible, to allow everyone to benefit and use this as a new tool to increasing self-awareness, self- transformation, and self-healing. My wish is for yoga to become a tool for the conscious creation of the life we each dream of and deserve.

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May all your true Intentions manifest in your visible reality.