Russian-born Nina Mel is a spiritual author, psychologist, metaphysician, energy intuitive, and yoga and meditation expert.

Now based in New York, Nina's writings on mindfulness and the energetics of yoga have been featured in various print and online publications.

Nina has appeared on the covers of Yoga Journal, New Yoga Magazine, AUM magazine, and has given talks and classes at international conferences and festivals.

Nina's book, The Energetics of Yoga: A Practical Guide to the Energetic Geometry of 88 Asanas, is a bestseller in Russia and has been translated into English, as well as her other books - The Yoga of Intention: Using asanas as a tool to manifest true desires, and The Key Method of Mental Transformation.

Practice Evaluation & Energy Reading
Personal consultation and online practice evaluation on both physical and energy levels. Personalized Yoga Chart included. Conducted via Skype.
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Personalized Yoga Chart
A personalized asana chart which takes into account all the circumstances and initial energy state of the particular individual as well as their spiritual level, mental state, physical condition, desired result and Intention.
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Private Consultation
Consult with me on anything related to yoga practice and body energetics. Send me an email describing your question/situation and I'll send you a personal audio response within 1-2 days. Learn more