The purpose of every life lesson is to wake up in it to your true nature - to realization that you are the One, including the one who prescribes lessons to himself.

One evening last year, after the decades of being on a spiritual journey with all my focus and attention dedicated to identifying "a lesson" embedded in every life situation I faced and every interaction I went through, I had received a download that radically transformed the way I look at my spiritual path. And this is something that I am sharing with you today.

This download - I called it THE END OF LEARNING - has a power to make you break through the repetitive never-ending cycle of hard life-lessons that we keep prescribing to ourselves, and to break our mind's habit to live in effort, and in hardship.

Here it is:

Seeing life as a school and life situations as life lessons - is something that does make us grow in the beginning of our spiritual path, but is also something that keeps us FROM growing, as we progress further on the path and still keep this belief. The rooted belief in constant learning, and addiction to it, is something that makes us continue to subconsciously invite or better say create learning.

As long as we continue to invite learning—either by believing that we ourselves can only grow through learning or that there are others that have to learn something from us—we will continue to invite the conditions of learning for ourselves and all separately-perceived others. We will create problems for ourselves in order to learn how to solve them. This is a never-ending process, unless you yourself stop doing this.

We will never fully realize who we are - the Source of creation - as long as we continue to hang on to this idea of being separate from the Source that sends life lessons for us to test our spiritual advancement or make us grow - and as long as we believe in existence of something external that forces us/wants us to learn anything.

We have, for so long, accepted the belief that lessons are a crucial part of our improvement that it is hard to believe that this is not so. But the belief in "life lessons" is just a result of the condition of feeling ourselves to be separate from that "which sends us those lessons", that false belief we now aim to eliminate in order to experience true freedom, establish new identity, and arrive at a new, clear vision. "Learning" is a condition of the separated self and no longer needed, for it is a thought system of the ego: its gain and reward game, its fear and punishment concepts.

If you realize yourself as One that expresses itself through millions of body-minds, if you ascend above your smaller, personal self and the illusion of separation, you will come to the end of learning. The purpose of every life lesson is to wake up in it to your true nature - to realization that you are the One, including the one who prescribes lessons to himself. This is a new state where no learning is self-prescribed to the smaller self—not because it has nothing more to learn, but because it is no longer the small "I" but has realized itself as the larger, higher "I" that exists in unity with the Source and IS Source.

Learning is the condition of a separated, smaller self — and it should come to an end in order for you to realize your true freedom and power.

There are no teachers and no students. No one is better or worse, smarter or dumber, wrong or right, more advanced or less advanced…these are only the chosen scenarios that the ONE SHARED HIGHER SELF (THE SOURCE) of ours plays out.

This is why the moment you truly say you are done with learning is the moment you are truly done with it. You are the one who created this seemingly needed lesson, the seemingly needed learning. Realizing that you are the one who prescribes yourself the lessons, their duration, and their intensity is realizing your true nature of a creator, of a free One that can cancel or change any lesson at any time. This is what Realization is. The Realization of your true nature and of the power that you carry within and can claim any moment you choose to.

Life is not a strict school but a fabrication of our own creation, a construct of our own Free Will, a reflection of our inner choices. Nothing is obligatory here. We choose our lessons. We stay in a life lesson as long as we are still interested in learning it, as long as we ourselves keep choosing to learn it. We are the ones who prescribe for ourselves what will be learned and for how long, and the lesson is learned the very moment we have truly decided it is so. After that, it has no more power to be expressed in our life experiences.

We can change, cancel, shift in time, or simply eliminate from our lives the lessons that are no longer needed—and they are no longer needed the moment we decide they are not. It's just a choice of the Creator that you are.

See your freedom to choose. And if you decide to release fear and fear-based lessons and scenarios from yourself and your life expression, declare it. See yourself for who you truly are, see the lessons for what they are, say to yourself (and mean it): enough is enough! And that will be exactly the moment when all the hard lessons you are going through will no longer be needed and will start to disappear from your visible reality.

Do not invite the conditions for learning by thinking that you need to learn. Don't stay a seeker by intending on seeking more or seeking something better. Remember that the way you see anything is the way you create it.