Receive your personalized yoga practice chart
$150 (allow up to 48-72 hrs to receive your chart)
This chart takes into account all of the body's idiosyncrasies, all previous injuries, the person's body type, health problems, psychological and energy state. The chart will never contain asanas that may harm this particular person.

This individual information cannot be available to the instructors in yoga studios where we take group classes, unless the instructor conducts a personal, detailed consultation with us before their class and then tells us exactly which asanas we should not do, why we shouldn't do them, and how we should replace them when others are being directed to that asana. Yoga studio instructors do not have the time or opportunity to offer us their attention, no matter how professional, knowledgeable, or trained they are. We are all too different, and the group class format does not allow for long conversations before class with each student. There just isn't enough time.

This is why a personalized chart, created after a thorough email consultation combined with distant energy reading is the safest, most efficient way of practice, and brings better and quicker results than general group practice. It minimizes risk of injury, unlike the high-risk environment of group classes.

When the asanas and their sequence, together with breathing pattern chosen are exactly the ones your body and energy system needs, when the chart is clearly built for your current state, takes into account your build, your issues, and your desires, the result will obviously be much better, and the growth achieved through such practice will be several years faster.

Next, an individual chart allows you to practice anywhere, any day, at any time.

Having a personal yoga chart means having the opportunity to practice regularly, without breaks, without losing your class fee, no matter what city you're in, where you go or move to, if you're on break or on vacation. This is the ideal practice regimen for young mothers with their children, for frequent travelers, for time-strapped businessmen, and for overworked students.

With an individual asana chart, you can practice at any convenient time and particularly at any time that works best for you, personally. This is completely impossible during group classes with a set fee, where we are tied to a studio and to a specific day, time, and place.

And the biggest thing about an individual chart practice: The opportunity to devote your yoga program to something specific, to your Intention, so that your practice becomes more than just exercise, but a tool to manifest your desires.

An individual chart can be built around a specific goal: a change in energy state, the elimination of an emotional issue, the opening of a particular chakra, improving an aspect of your health or your relationships with certain people.

This is all possible when the program takes into account our desires, picking out appropriate asanas and energy configurations.

Yoga practice is internal work, with specific situations and states. It is the opportunity to focus energy and direct it toward a specific path for at least 2 months (depending on how quickly your energy system and physical body responds to the practice and changes/transforms because of it). And this is important. For it will bring you the results you you wish and would not be able to easily or quickly achieve using other ways of practicing.

To book your individual asana chart, send a payment of $150 via Pay Pal, and email me

Insert the PayPal transaction number into the Subject field of your email, and in the body of email please tell me, in a free form, all you can/wish about your yoga practice history and current physical condition.

For example:

- Tell me your age and your body type.

- Tell me how long do you practice for; how often; what style;

-What level of physical advancement you are (do you do lotus? do you have a full fold in Paschimottanasana? how long can you hold a plank for? do you do handstands? headstands?);

- If you have injuries and which ones; if you had any recent surgery procedures; if you have chronic or acute diseases; what health problems do you have right now; what bothers you - physically, psychologically, mentally;

- Your lifestyle. Do you sleep ok? Do you smoke/drink a lot?

- Do you have scoliosis, hernia issues, knee/joints problems, any other issues with your spine, joints, muscles.

- What do you wish to achieve with the help of this personalized practice - what is your intention here, what is your goal?

- If there's any emotional issues you wish to work out with the help of yoga, tell me about it.

Take your time and mention everything you feel may be helpful for me to know, or anything you intuitively feel like sharing - in order for me to create the safest, most effective practice for you.

All the information you provide is optional, it's always up to you what you decide to share and nothing is obligatory here. The more you tell the more precise I can be in my analysis and chart creation; but I can still create a highly effective and beneficial chart based only on the distant energy reading and most serious health issues you tell me about. And if I will need any specific/additional info from you I'll email you to ask.

All the information you provide is strictly private.

Please allow up to 48-72 hours for me to thoroughly work on this and send you your Personalized Yoga Chart.