Spiritual teacher
Energy mentor
Author of 5 books
15 years of experience
Two Yoga Journal (Russia) covers.

My name is Nina Verkoeyen.
I am a spiritual teacher and energy mentor for 15 years, author of 5 books, and dozens of methods for mind transformation.

I created my first method of meditation when I was 11. At 33, I experienced what is called awakening, enlightenment, samadhi - having received spiritual Knowledge from within, the knowledge of who we are, what energy is and how to correctly interact with it and direct it, so that life is not one continuous problem but an exciting game, the Creator of which is YOU.

As a result of the transformation I experienced and on the basis of the Knowledge I gained, this energy game "Impulse" was created - a collective experience that gathers thousands of people on the 1st of every month (step 1), as well as my main webinar "Inception" ( step 2) and the legendary lectures "Knowledge" (step 3).
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