Trying to get rid of fear, don't fall into another mind trap called guilt. guilt for having lived in fear in the past, or for still feeling it in your present once in a while. Remember, that we came here not to be perfect, "right", sinless, to stay always and no matter what positive and euphoric. We came here to feel, to experience the whole range of emotions - euphoria and despair, joy and sadness, courage and love, but also fear and separation.

Yes, we came here to know what fear and separation that produces fear feels like. Fear was needed, it was a good teacher and taught us so many things, but more than anything, it taught us what we are not. It taught us that we are not fear, that we are not separate, it showed us all what we are not - in order for us to finally come to realization of what we are.

Using the tool of contrast, using fear, we taught ourselves who we are and showed ourselves new fearless self-identity. So be grateful for all the lessons you've come through, and say goodbye to these lessons of fear, they are over. They were only needed until we come to know who we are. The time of learning and the time of fear is over. The time of unity and shared self-identity has come.