The Soul
"Soul" is a concept created by the ego-thought system, a product of false self-identification, of separated ego-self.
Ego-self is used to dividing, separating, dissecting, opposing, detaching — and so it creates in its own image. In its own image, it creates another layer of illusionary division, separation, and hierarchy, and calls it "soul," using that to explain the intuitive feelings it has about the existence of something outside of itself.

Souls—that which we perceive as the "higher" parts of us that are individual, independent from others—do not exist.

There is no separation, individuality and duality on the higher level of perception. There are no individual higher selves, and there are no souls.

The only higher part of ours is that which combines all of us - whether you call it God, collective consciousness, universal mind, or anything else. That which you connect with on a "higher level" is that which everyone else connects with on a "higher level" as well.

This explains phenomena such as channeling, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and prediction. We are One; we are connected, merged into one informational field in our one shared Soul, our one shared Higher Self.

There is one identical self dispersed among many bodies. Our Shared Self is identical, but our bodies and experiences are not. An identical thing in different recipients will have different experiences.

We all have but one shared Soul, one shared Self. Undivided, united with all and everyone that exists.

Your soul and mine and all are one.