Soul Contracts
Some people have adopted a belief that certain things about us are predetermined—our families, our illnesses, and so on. Some call it a "soul contract," created before we were born.

This belief in soul contracts is based on a belief in past lives, incarnation, and separation from everyone and the One itself.

To understand this, we must first understand the concept of time, which is a creation of our ego-mind, of humanity, and is absent on higher levels of perception. The higher and deeper we go, the more time dissolves, and past present and future integrate into ONE everlasting, ever-present moment. In this light, realizing that time doesn't exist where body doesn't exist, we will realize that the soul contract idea starts to lose meaning.

There are no soul contracts, because there is no time, and because there are no separate souls. It is true that there are separate bodies, but there is only one soul that we y all share. There is one Higher Self for all of us.

One self that creates billions of bodies to reside in. One self that is absolutely free to create anew each new moment. No contracts, no obligations, no rehearsed plans. It is always onlIne and free to choose anew.