We were taught to think that all we see is formed outside of our minds.

But what if this is an illusion that springs from a false self-identity, from the ego-thought system?

What if our external world is just a reflection of our internal world, not bound by the law of "cause and effect" or by "if this, then that" logic?

We can often see people who live a very healthy lifestyle, who are vegan, exercise every day, and drink a lot of water get very sick and die from cancer, while those who drank and smoked their whole lives and never cared about a healthy lifestyle may live a very long and pain-free life. These are the cases where the principle of "cause and effect" doesn't work. What is the secret?

The answer lies in the way we see "the external," in our reactions to events, in our way of observation. When we eat a piece of food with a thought about how unhealthy it is, judging ourselves, feeling guilty, we produce negative emotion and bathe our body in low-energy that harms us way more than that piece of food ever could. Of course this isn't meant to be an excuse to become excessive and start eating junk, never exercise, etc.

Everything in excess, good or bad, is harmful. As Paracelsus said, "Poison is in everything, and no thing is without poison. The dosage makes it either a poison or a remedy."

Be careful what you think, and what your beliefs are. If we sincerely enjoy our glass of wine a day or a little dessert after dinner once in a while and don't feel any subconscious guilt about it, it won't harm us.

If we don't worry that it will make us fat and sick, then it will not. Same with exercise. Same with anything else you believe will cause you to be unhealthy and all you think should do to be healthy.

There is no causality here. Cause and effect are one.

If you create from fear, then you create fear and illness. It's all in your mind; it's all your choice and your creation.