Sometimes in certain situations we KNOW with certainty how things will evolve, what will happen, whether we will get a particular job or not, whether something will work out or not, whether we will receive what we want or not. We know it for sure, as if it's already a given, and no doubt arises, no hope exists. We just know. And we call this knowing, this inner feeling, this certainty "intuition."

But that which we call intuition, that which we perceive as intuition, as prediction, is in fact a choice we made on a higher level, and a result of this choice that we can then observe manifested.

Cause and effect is one.

Intuition is but a reversed presentation of cause and effect. Because we make a choice on a higher level (and then we perceive it as intuition), our will, our Higher Self, manifests a result of this choice in our visible reality (which we perceive as if our "intuition was right and this was supposed to happen or was destined to happen"). Intuition itself doesn't exist.

What exists is our own choice on a higher level. We create what we choose. Everything that is manifested in our external world has to first be chosen, consciously or unconsciously, in our internal world. We create that which we intuit.

We are not doers, we are deciders.