As we start to prepare our new years resolution list and set our goals for this new year, let us make sure that the energy of "a beggar" doesn't permeate our mind.

It's easy to set our goals and intentions in a way as if we are making a list of what we ASK from the universe, the list of the gifts that we pray to receive. And when we ASK higher forces to gift us with something it implies that we don't have it. It implies that we believe that there is something or someone above, outside of us, who can grant us with something, or choose not to do it. It implies that we have doubts that it will happen.

The universe doesn't respond to our words, it responds to our feelings - or, to be precise, to the congruent intention of our mental, emotional, energy body. We need to feel what we wish to manifest. To say what we want, to know what we want on intellectual level - is not enough, if on emotional and energy level we feel we are not worthy of that which we dream of, if we have hopes, doubts and other byproducts of fear. And if it's obvious with doubts that it can be something that prevents us from manifesting our desired outcome, with hope it's not that obvious, because we are used to thinking that hope is a positive emotion.

But hope IS doubt, it reflects our non-allowetce to receive a preferable outcome. Wherever there is hope, there is fear. Hope reveals fear's hiding place and makes us realize we fear. And fear prevents things from being manifested - having fear, we will actually manifest lack, rather than that which we dream of. When there is no hope, there is no fear—rather, there is certainty. We call this certainty - intuition, a gut feeling, just knowing, but it is in fact not intuition but our choice, an allowance to receive that preferable outcome which we are capable of creating.

Hope not, but know it.

Generate a feeling of determination, certainty, clarity. Make your choice and be congruent in this choice and in this feeling on all levels - in your mind, in your heart, in the core of your being. If you will make this choice present on all levels of your self, inside yourself, it will be manifested outside in your visible reality.