We feel fear in so many different ways, and we attract lessons that intensify this fear in order for us to see it for what it is and to one day be able to say to ourselves: enough is enough! And that would be exactly the moment when all the hard lessons we are going through will no longer be needed and will start to disappear from our visible manifested reality.

Life is not a strict school but a fabrication of our own creation, a construct of our own Free Will, a reflection of our inner choices. So nothing is obligatory here. We choose our life lessons. We stay in a life lesson as long as we are still interested in learning it, as long as we ourselves keep choosing to learn it.

We are the ones who prescribe for ourselves what will be learned and for how long. And the lesson is learned the very moment we have truly decided it is so. After that, it has no more power to be expressed in our life experiences.

We can change, cancel, shift in time, or simply eliminate from our lives the lessons that are no longer needed, and they are no longer needed the moment we decide they are not. It's just a choice. That's an important thing to understand.

See your freedom to choose. And decide to release fear and fear-based lessons and scenarios from yourself and your life expressions, if you feel it is time for a new lesson, the lesson of happiness.