Free Will
There's a debate in our community whether we have Free Will, or all is predetermined. But it is both, because it depends on the level from which it is perceived: from the level of the separated ego-self, it is all Fate.

From the level of the Higher Self, it is all Free Will. So if we perceive ourselves as separate individuals and look from that point, all the situations that happen in our lives will also be perceived as being separate from us. And if things are separate from us, then we have no control over them, no power to affect change. As a result of the perception of separation, everything is done to us rather than by us.

But if our consciousness is raised to the level of the Higher Self, then the same experiences and life situations become seen as our own choice on a higher level, and all becomes our own free will.

So on the one hand, we can say that everything is decided and predetermined; everything is fate. But on the other hand, it is decided by you, your higher self that is the same Higher Self for all others, the Higher Self that we all share.

We aren't usually consciously aware of the part of our Higher Self that decides, only because the focus of our attention is narrowed and we see things in a linear way - we have a linear perception of time. We don't see the full picture, we don't see how our Higher Self has already chosen our future and past—or more accurately, how we choose it right now.
From the ego's linear perspective, when we are not aware of who we truly are—hence not connected to our true power of conscious creators—we will perceive these choices of ours as if they were placed upon us, as if they are coming from a separate force, as fate.

Yet if our perception is elevated and we self-identify in our perception with our Higher Self, then we see how it is our choice. And then we can make different choices.