Meta Spirituality
Meta Spirituality is an emerging spiritual tradition with the mission to help millions of seekers escape spiritual mediocrity.
Leave behind the impracticality of old New Age spirituality - download the first lecture on Meta Spirituality for free.
Why Meta Spirituality is what you've been looking for all your life.
All spiritual teachings, methods and practices you ever learned have been stepping stones to bring you here: to reveal the last Truth of who you are.

When the great Michelangelo was asked how he creates his sculptures, he replied that the statue already exists, it's simply hidden in a block of marble. Similarly, there is The Truth of who you are within you. This Truth was hidden within a marble block of old spirituality concepts.

Meta Spirituality is a Michelangelo that will chip away all that you are not and turn you into a state-of-the-art Self.
Meta Spirituality is not mainstream spirituality. It doesn't believe in past lives or karma - only in here and now. It doesn't use rituals or techniques of any kind - those intermediaries are not necessary when you enter a direct relationship with God that is you.

The Truth you discover here will be the last thing you ever need to learn on spiritual matters.
This deepest of all spiritual teachings will bring you to the end of all searches.
Shaping old spirituality into the new identity for humankind
The mission of Meta Spirituality is to affect the consciousness of millions of people; to cause a collective graduation from living the partial truth and fragmented knowledge of old spirituality and religion, to a new way of being as the Creator
Thousands of people
whose lives have been blessed by the touch of Truth have been forever transformed. You can be too.
You feel a lack of results
Mainstream techniques like visualizations, affirmations, and meditations aren't producing the results you seek.
You're tired of constant self-work
Your "life lessons" never seem to end. You want to graduate from being a student of life to being a creator of life.
You feel incomplete
Regardless of the amount of learning you do, it always feels like something is missing.
Beginners, we love you, but these teachings are not for you. Meta Spirituality is for the experienced spiritual seekers who have tried it all but have not seen results. They don't feel like they've found "home" — a piece of their puzzle is still missing. Experienced seekers will find the missing piece here.
Meta spirituality distills your perception to perfection
Nina Verkoeyen
Nina Verkoeyen is a psychologist, spiritual leader, and the founder of Meta Spirituality - an emerging spiritual tradition that supersedes old "New Age" spirituality.

Nina has been teaching self-awareness for more than 15 years. She was awarded with the title "Spiritual teacher of the year" in 2019 by Successful Ladies Awards. Nina appeared twice on the cover of Yoga Journal (Russia), New Yoga Magazine (USA), was teacher of the month in YOGA magazine (UK), and presented her methods for mind and body transformation at the Yoga Journal Conference (USA). She has also been featured in numerous worldwide publications and has authored several books.

"The Truth" — a set of lectures regarding the Meta Spiritual relationship between God and human — has granted enlightenment and extraordinary life changes to thousands of dedicated listeners. A book version of "The Truth" is currently in production.

Nina is also the creator of the YouTube series "Shots of Enlightenment" - short epiphanies that dispel the smoke and mirrors of mainstream spirituality.

Nina lives in USA with her husband and daughter.
What is not Meta Spirituality?
Meta Spirituality is not a religion.
Religions are partial truths that support separateness. Meta Spirituality encompasses all religions but also vastly transcends them and presents the complete picture we've never seen before.
Meta Spirituality is not esoterics.
We are ready to directly interact with the Creator inside us, without any intermediaries such as rituals, visualizations, affirmations, channeling, and others. We are ready to become the Creator - instead of reaching out to something that is separate from us.
Meta Spirituality is not a psychological method.
Spirituality works with the mind and tries to reprogram it. Meta Spirituality doesn't. It operates above and beyond the mind - it creates a new identity through which you will perceive yourself, others, and the world anew.
Meta Spirituality is not a practice in positive thinking.
Meta Spirituality will not ask you to be positive, good, or kind. Meta Spirituality will only ask you to let go of illusion in order to have the truth. To be who you are. To see the truth, rather than the illusion that surrounds you.
Meta Spirituality is a modern spiritual tradition that eliminates separateness on all levels, makes you complete, and grants the truth so that you can express yourself as the Creator.
Meta spirituality distills your perception to perfection
Nina Verkoeyen
The Truth
The landmark lectures that develop the Meta Spiritual relationship between God and human
The Truth is the landmark work of Meta Spirituality. It is a set of principles and laws that explain the meta-spiritual relationship between Creator and human. It is the birth of your new self-identity - your Meta Self.
Taste the Truth. You will never be the same.
download the first lecture on Meta Spirituality for free.
The Truth came to Nina Verkoeyen, the founder of Meta Spirituality, in 2016 during a spontaneous experience of true enlightenment. This experience became a marker of a "before and after" in her own life, just as it has become a life-changing event for the thousands of students Nina has since shared The Truth with in her legendary lectures.
The Truth is the fastest and most natural way to experience enlightenment. All you need is readiness in your heart and courage of mind not to resist the new. Everything else will be provided for you within the course of lectures.
Thousands of people
whose lives have been blessed by the touch of Truth have been forever transformed. You can be too.

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