Russian-born Nina Verkoeyen is a spiritual thinker, author, psychologist and meditation teacher specializing in the study of profound questions in metaphysics, mindfulness and self-identification.

Nina writes books, articles, and produces thought-provoking "video meditations" - short video lectures that aim to melt the separations between psychology, philosophy, and spirituality, as well as those between our hearts.

Contact Nina: info@ninaverkoeyen.com

I was influenced by many great thinkers, shaped by many philosophers, and inspired by many spiritual leaders of the past and of our time, but my main influencer and shaper has always been the mystical experiences or direct revelations and awakenings that I, starting from an early age, have been blessed to go through and be transformed by numerous times in my life. But the biggest, most important, and most life-changing one happened to me in March of 2016. Its core message challenged and dissolved everything that I have ever learned as a spiritual seeker.

The message was not about becoming wiser, better, kinder, more positive or more spiritual. It was not about making the world a better place, or becoming a better person.

The only message that this "epiphany" conveyed was that we obtain a different sense of self-identity - a radically different experience of that which we call "I."
Once the truth of the new "I" is embodied, we can never get back to our previous identity that was clinging to any ideas or belief systems including the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, karma and reincarnation, punishment and reward, wrong and right, good deeds and bad deeds, evil and divine; terrestrial or extraterrestrial; human or non-human; god or men; or any other idea of separation.

Once the new I is embodied, and the new consciousness is risen, we see ourselves and the world with new eyes. And seeing the world with new eyes creates the world anew.