New meditations are released on my Facebook and Youtube

While I am influenced by many great thinkers, shaped by many philosophers, and inspired by many spiritual leaders of the past and of our time, my main influencer and shaper has always been the mystical experiences or direct revelations that I have been blessed to go through and be transformed by several times in my life, with the biggest, most important, and most life-changing one happening earlier this year of 2016.

The result of this last experience has been a compilation and production, with the help of the highly talented and most lovely editor Lori Snyder, of this series of "epiphanies," or reflections, which I present to you as audio-meditations.

These audio meditations are chock-full of unmitigated truth that might, for some, be hard to swallow. So was it for me.
Their core message challenges everything that we have ever learned as spiritual seekers - it is not about becoming wiser, better, kinder, more positive or more spiritual. Not about making the world a better place, becoming a better person, or becoming better equipped to be a proper member of society.
You'll find hundreds of blogs and videos to choose from that already address that, and there is no need to add another voice to the existing, beautifully established choir.

The only message that these "epiphanies" convey is that we obtain a different sense of self-identity, a radically different experience of that which we call "I."

Not as an abstract, esoteric idea to comprehend to get more spiritually advanced, but as a very real, literal, radical shift in perception, a new way of self-identification—to the point that, in psychology (the field from which my expertise comes)—it would be called "mental insanity"…or, we might say we have "lost our mind."

The result of this deliberately and consciously chosen "losing of the mind" is nothing less than a complete and non-reversible loss of ego and all the constructs of separation that our individuality created.

Every aspect of separation must be let go, including the ones you would wish to keep. Everything needs to be dissolved, and seen in new way, making way to experience the ultimate truth that embraces and encompasses and melts everything you ever knew, learned, experienced, or thought.

This is a road not for the weak-hearted or hesitant. Once this truth is experienced in the heart, you can never get back to your previous identity. If you are still clinging to experiencing highs and lows of any kind—be it beautiful, positive emotions; exclusive relationship with your one-and-only perfect love partner; any ideas or belief systems including the law of attraction, the law of cause and effect, karma and reincarnation, punishment and reward, wrong and right, good deeds and bad deeds, evil and divine; terrestrial or extraterrestrial; or any other idea of separation; if you are still capable of enjoying or find attractive any emotional rollercoaster, be it drama or euphoria—then by all means, do not step onto this path. Instead, switch off this video channel, leave this website, and go enjoy this beautiful life of your creation.

Do not ruin your fun, do not deprive yourself of the enjoyment of all the things you are still capable of enjoying, for if you continue on this path the time will come that you will not enjoy these things in the same way anymore.

But if this time is not now, if you are not fully ready in your heart to start this path, then it's not only useless—it will not give you anything but will be a waste of your time—but also dangerous to proceed. And when I say this, when I suggest you leave and do not listen to this, this is not a marketing trick but a sincere recommendation, a warning I beg you to heed rather than ignore. For if there is no willingness in the heart, if you are not ready for this —then pursuing this path may leave you stuck half-way through. And the seeds of a half-opened truth may leave you depressed, lost in what may seem to be a meaningless, purposeless, senseless, joyless, lonely life…and that would be a complete misunderstanding of all that truth is, all that this path is about, and all I'm trying to express with my own being and creative expressions such as these videos.

Only if you do feel an intuitive inner resonance, without defenses or opposition to jumping into this; only if you do feel ready to continue exploring this deeper and to the very end, regardless of what it may take or what it will cost you (and it will cost you everything you have and some more); only if you do feel the agreement in your heart, the dedication to the One, and the willingness to give yourself up to the altar of the Truth, should you proceed.

Proceed fearlessly, in all totality and openness, to embrace the understanding and the joy of recognizing the end to seeking that will rise to the surface from the depths of your own being. For if you embrace your true emerging understanding without fear, you will reach the end of this spiritual journey. Your seeking will be ended. Your search will be over. The clinging to "life lessons" and even learning itself will be ended. Everything, all the structures of separated and acquired ego-self—learning and seeking included, rewards and good-deeds included—everything will be let go, uncompromisingly. But don't fear, you will not lose anything but your false identity, which is nothing, and all you will gain instead is everything there is, was, and ever will be. This journey is not for everyone, but it might be for you.